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Multi-Arrayed Vacuum -
(MAV) System (Patent# 6,746,605)

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The Multi-Arrayed Vacuum (MAV™) System is a system for the recovery of free phase product from the ground and ground water. The system is designed to recovery free product quickly and inexpensively. Further, upon the completion of the recovery of the free product, the system is designed to be modified into either one of two ground water remediation systems also designed by American Remediation The patented Enhanced Dissolved Oxygen Technology (E-DOT™) System or the PER-PETUAL™ System).

The System
The MAV™ System is constructed using common materials available at most hardware or building supply stores.

The system operates using a standard vacuum truck. The vacuum truck simply connects to the cam lock fitting on the manifold. The vacuum from the vacuum truck is conveyed through the manifold, through the underground piping, down the galvanize riser pipe and to the 1’x 1” well screen located intersecting the free product. Each pipe connected to the manifold will have its own vacuum gauge and ball valve and can be monitored and turned off or on as desired. The free product that intersects each MAV™ extraction point is sucked into the screen by the vacuum being conveyed through the system.

Point Installation
The installation of each MAV™ point is critical to system performance. Points can be installed either using hand auger techniques or hollow stem auger techniques. The borehole is advanced to just below the ground water interface. Over drilling the borehole by one to 2 feet will allow easier movement of the MAV™ point up and down when required.

For depths greater than 12’ it is recommended that a 2” PVC collar be placed around the galvanized riser pipe so that friction from the soil along the riser pipe is eliminated along the top 80% to 90% of the riser pipe. With depths greater than 12 feet, lateral friction of soil along the riser pipe can make the vertical movement of the MAV™ point difficult. The PVC collar eliminates this friction. It is important to seal the top of the collar to the riser pipe to avoid short circuiting the vacuum down the annular space between the riser pipe and the collar. This seal can be accomplished using a manufactured rubber gasket (Fernco Type Seal).

The points are typically installed in a grid fashion in the area of the free product. It is understood that a perfect grid my not always be possible because of surface features or access issues, however, it is considered the most desirable point layout. When considering the grid spacing a general rule of thumb is a grid between 10’ and 15’. If the soil is a tighter soil (like clay) then the tighter 10’ grid is recommended, if the soil is a more permeable soil (like sand) then a 15’ grid is recommended (Refer to example layout below).

Point placement during installation is critical. Each MAV™ point has to be individually constructed on-site and its length customized so the well screen intersects the ground water interface according to depth of ground water at that location. Because the surface topography and depth to ground water can change from each MAV™ point location to the next, each location and MAV™ point length must be carefully surveyed and calculated. The adjustability of the points allows for a margin of error, however, care should be taken to assure proper point placement. In areas anticipated to have large fluctuations in depth to ground water, couplers and extensions can be added or removed to/from the riser pipe to allow for greater leeway and adjustability of the screen as needed.

To learn more about the system, download the Multi-Arrayed Vacuum (MAV) System™ Installation and Operations and Maintenance Manual.

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