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American Remediation is excited to present three unique and innovative technologies.

  • The MAV Systems™ Multi-Array Vacuum is a free product recovery system designed for rapid elimination of free product with minimal capital investment (Patent #6,746,605).
  • The E-DOT™ System is an Enhanced Dissolved Oxygen Technology is an innovative and unique way to permeate petroleum contaminated ground water with oxygen for maximum stimulation of aerobic bioremediation (Patents #6,517,288; 6,719,904; 6,740,238; and 6,866,781).

  • The PER-PETUAL System™ is a hydrogen peroxide injection system designed specifically to overcome problems with the remediation of contamination in tight soils (Patent Pending).

  • Our systems are designed to be inexpensive to install and operate, require virtually no maintenance, and are very effective. Moreover, the flexibility of operation of our MAV™ system, along with the ability to convert the MAV™ into either E-DOT™ or PER-PETUAL™ systems make our products a versatile weapon that will bring a site with significant amounts of free product to site closure within a reasonable time.

Average Installation Capital Cost
Time Average Operational Cost
Estimated Average Clean-up
E-DOT System
$ 25,000 - $ 35,000
$ 250 / month
2 years
$ 28,000 - $ 38,000
$ 1,000 / month
1.5 years
MAV System
$ 28,000 - $ 38,000
$ 180 / hour
100 - 150 hours

American Remediation is very confident in the performance of its products. We believe that the simplicity, practicality, efficiency, versatility, ease of operation, ease of installation, and low cost of our systems, combined with their effective performance just makes sense. We have proven that ground water remediation systems do not have to be complicated and expensive to work. If you would like to learn more about our technology, are interested in purchasing one of our systems, or are interested in installing your own MAV™, E-DOT™, or PER-PETUAL™ Systems contact Russell Schindler at (231) 933-7035.

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